Motivational Quotes About Money

We all love money but sometimes the things we need to do in order to make more AND keep more of it don’t come so easily and we might need a little extra motivation……….These quotes about money are from some of the wisest people history has to offer – I do hope they help you to stay focused on your journey to a debt free and ever more wealthy future!!

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[bctt tweet="For many men, the acquisition of wealth does not end their troubles, it only changes them - Senica The Younger."]
enough to pay debts
[bctt tweet="The man who never has enough money to pay his debts has too much of something else - James Lendall Basford."]
imagination to create debt
[bctt tweet="It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income - Leonard Orr."]
[bctt tweet="You can have a masters degree in making money but you will still wind up broke if you have a phd in spending it - Orrin Woodward."]
a hundred wagon loads
[bctt tweet="A hundred wagon loads of thoughts will not pay one ounce of debt - Italian Proverb."]
debt is normal
[bctt tweet="Debt is Normal - Be Weird.....Dave Ramsey."]