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First check out your credit score (and may sure they have the right information about you!)


Second – Since it might take a while to get all your debts paid off,  make sure you slash your interest costs by switching to cheaper credit. That way you’ll get it paid off even quicker!


If you’re looking to consolidate, do steps 1 & 2 first, AND make sure you shop around so that you never pay more interest than you absolutly have to!

Whats your biggest debt challenge RIGHT NOW?


  • LinziBee

    Hi, I'm Lindsey and I really love helping people & businesses get their money organised & their systems optimised. (I'm a bit weird I know) I have an MBA in finance & have been a self-employed management consultant since 2013. I've been super privileged to work on a wide range of projects in that time & each one has been an amazing opportunity to learn something new. This site aims to create a bank for that knowledge so that you can shortcut your journey to success & hopefully skip all the mistakes that I made!