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Lindsey Briscoe

I hope that you are enjoying my blog and all the specially designed spreadsheets and printable stuff. 

The text that follows is just a little about me in case you’ve been wondering if I’m actually worth listening to.

So, I guess the question is; why should you listen to me?

Well, that’s a damn good point and maybe you shouldn’t. I’m not financially certified in any way though I do have and MBA in business and finance if that comforts you at all, though given the substantial number of very intelligent people that I have met who freely admit to being horrendous with money, I’m not entirely sure it should!

What I am though is a planner and a strategist. I’ve been running my own management consultancy business successfully since 2013 and have worked at various levels in multiple types and sizes of business since I can remember, including construction, logistics, freight, banking, insolvency, health care and public health. I’ve also spent many years as a private landlord and a single mum! The common thread with pretty much everything I’ve done has been organisation and planning, I love fixing things and for me money fits quite nicely into this pattern. It’s a real shame that I can’t transfer it to my chocolate addiction with any consistency though!

I’ve developed a number of ways that I manage my money and my debt, I’m not saying they will work for you necessarily but you may at least find one or two nuggets that you feel able to apply to your finances that will help you keep a bit more of what you earn, or earn a bit more from what you have. I hope too that my learnings from the many finance books I have digested over the years adds to my own experience and gives you a decent springboard for your future financial health.

The calculators that you will find throughout this site and the many downloads that I have developed are all things that I have created for myself and still use on a regular basis so I hope you find them useful too.

If you’d prefer to read or listen (via audible) to this content, please take a look at my book on Amazon. Much of the advice is specific to the UK but I believe that many of the principles will translate well, regardless of your country.

Throughout this blog (and my book) I will cite ideas that have come from other authors, you tubers and speakers where I think you might find value in their work regardless of whether their advice supports or contradicts my own. You will find references to their work peppered throughout my content.

I will do my best to not repeat standard information that you can find on the many many money advise sites that are available these days. I may refer you to them for further reading throughout as the advice from the larger (and better staffed!) sites will be kept up to date and it will provide far more detail on where you can get professional help that is tailored to your specific needs if you so wish.


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    Hi, I'm Lindsey and I really love helping people & businesses get their money organised & their systems optimised. (I'm a bit weird I know) I have an MBA in finance & have been a self-employed management consultant since 2013. I've been super privileged to work on a wide range of projects in that time & each one has been an amazing opportunity to learn something new. This site aims to create a bank for that knowledge so that you can shortcut your journey to success & hopefully skip all the mistakes that I made! www.linkedin.com/in/uk-lindsey-briscoe

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