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Need to get your money (& debt) more organised?

Here at Debt Help Tools – we LOVE spreadsheets and we’re not afraid to admit it!

Give us a problem and I’m pretty sure we’ll have a spreadsheet for that – and if not, then just ask and we’ll make you one.

Getting out of debt starts with a plan and that plan can look very different for different people –  you just have to find what works best for you & that’s where we come in…

We're NOT financial advisors...
We're just money nerds!

Everyone and their dog thinks that they know what you should do (and not do!) with your money, it’s simply amazing how many poor people think they know how YOU should organise your finances!

We are not here to tell you what to do,  we just want to give you the tools to help you payoff debt & help you find the best solutions for you and the first step on that journey is getting organised…

I’m a management consultant by day & these are a few of the lovely things my clients have said about me….!

Save us for later...

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    Hi, I'm Lindsey and I really love helping people & businesses get their money organised & their systems optimised. (I'm a bit weird I know) I have an MBA in finance & have been a self-employed management consultant since 2013. I've been super privileged to work on a wide range of projects in that time & each one has been an amazing opportunity to learn something new. This site aims to create a bank for that knowledge so that you can shortcut your journey to success & hopefully skip all the mistakes that I made!

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