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To help you better manage your money and your debt we have created the following FREE downloads resources so that you can get yourself organized without spending a penny!

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Quicklinks to items on this page. – Printables / pdf downloads

This detailed spreadsheet gives you a comprehensive view of all your debt and credit in one place, as the excel one available here but this one has been optomised for printing.

debt printable
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The Debt Checklist

Having trouble getting started?

Fear not, this simple step by step guide will help you make sure you’re covering all the bases.

These 8 steps will set you on the right track for better money management today.

Print it off and stick it on your fridge or noticeboard.

You might need to revisit a few of them over the coming months but it’s a handy reminder and will help you stay on track.

The Reminders

This handy reminder sheet will give you a heads up when your contracts are about to run out.

Letting your mortage run onto a standard rate or your insurance  roll over with the same provider could be costing you a pretty penny every year.

Take just 10 minutes, print the form and fill in the month that contract ends for your:

-Mortage product

-Mobile phone


-TV services

-Internet Services

-Home Utilities

-Car Insurance

-House Insurance

-And anything else you can thing of!!

-Then Stick it on your fridge!

Don’t forget to use TopCashBack to compare and switch deals, it’s free to use and you could pocket a decent sum everytime you switch!

The Action Plan

31 point action plan to help you get out of debt no matter where you are along your jouney and what your personal situation is.

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