Plan Your Debt Exit

A selection of posts for managing your debt better and creating an exit plan to become debt free

debt quiz

Take the Debt Quiz

7 simple questions & answers to find your best debt help plan This short debt quiz will show you where to start with paying down your debt and managing your money. If you are you feeling a bit lost and confused about all the loan, credit card, re-mortgage and debt consolidation options available to you; …

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Credit Report

Did you know that there are 3 credit agencies in the US that provide credit reports? Did you also know that each credit agency can hold very different information about you? Shocking isn’t it? Don’t forget that in these times of extreme crisis there is government help available; don’t miss out on your entitlements. It …

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Bad Credit

Do you need to repair your credit NOW but feel like you are running out of options…!! Maybe you feel like you’ve “tried everything” but your debt just isn’t going away? Fear not, just because the solution hasn’t been easy to find, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Despite a poor credit score, there are many …

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