Debt Tracker Template Excel

Tracking debts doesn’t need to be complicated – or expensive!

Here are a few FREE options for debt trackers in excel, google sheets and printable pdf’s that you might find useful.

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Debt Tracker Excel Free Download

debt tracker excel

This tool is for you if you want to:

  1. Know how much ALL your debt is costing in interest charges every month / year
  2. View your TOTAL monthly payment for ALL your debt in a single sheet and how much of that goes to pay the interest
  3. Analyse at ALL your credit cards, loans, mortgages AND assets and/or equity on a single balance sheet
  4. See ALL your debts and total assets in one place
  5. See which debt is costing you the most so that you can create a payoff schedule that minimises your interest charges and pays your total debt down faster
  6. Offset the interest or income the you EARN against the total COST of debt
  7. Calculate exactly how much money you will save every month by using your cash balances to pay off expensive debt.
  8. See how much $1 of debt costs you EVERY year in your current debt structure.
  9. See your mortgage loan to value percentage (LTV%)
  10. Calculate how much you can save by switching high interest debt onto 0% or lower debt vehicles (cards or loans)
  11. Evaluate the best way to restructure your debt so that you pay less for it, even if you can’t pay anything down.
  12. Get a snapshot view of your debt and credit situation right now

Debt Tracker Google Sheets Free Download

Debt Tracker Printable Free Download

debt tracker printable