How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back

I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE to get stuff for free.

Generally anyone that promises you free stuff or “Today only – massive discounts!” are trying to con you into buying things that you really don’t need and didn’t want to buy in the first place.

Surprisingly, cashback sites don’t work that way, they make their money from the SELLERS not the buyers – meaning that we can buy the stuff that we would have done anyway AND get money back – no strings attached.

What happens is that the sellers – let’s say – will pay the cashback site for sending them customers, the cashback site then passes SOME of that money on to us – the customer as a thankyou for using their website to connect with Sky.

Make sense?

how i made money with topcashback

Infact – later on in this post I’m going to show you how i’ve had over £1.2k back from TopCashBack – just buying things that i would have done anyway!

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 1

Still don’t believe me?

Ok, I’m totally with you on the deep mistrust of anything that GIVES me money for nothing so I’ll show you some extracts from my Top Cash Back account that I’ve had since 2014 that shows the actual money that they have paid me.

Top Cash Back, like many other cash back sites such as Quidco or Swagbucks, operate in a number of different countries so just because the account I will show you is UK based, doesn’t mean it can’t work for you where you are.

If you want to follow along as I go through the instructions CLICK HERE for the UK or HERE for the US to sign up for a FREE account.

Step 1 – How to get a topcashback account

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 2

Its free to get an account so no credit cards or payment details needed

Enter your email address and password…..get a confirmation email from TCB (TopCashBack)… to confirm….Then you’re in!

Step 2 – how to use topcashback to make a purchase

Don’t get me wrong here, I really don’t want you to buy stuff you don’t need just for the cashback – that would be silly! I do however suggest that you have a look at your current expenses such as

  • Insurances (house, life and car)
  • Utilities (gas, electricity etc)
  • Mobile phone(s)
  • TV & BB
  • Credit cards
  • Savings accounts

These are all things that you are paying out for ANYWAY, if you are out of contract but haven’t managed to get around to looking for a better deal, now’s your chance!

I’ve also made some handy pintables HERE that might help you to keep track of when your contracts are up so that you can earn cashback every year not just when you remember to check. Letting your contracts and policies run on year after year not only means that you are missing out on the cashback for switching but it also means you might be paying WAY more than you need to for insurances, utilities, phones etc.

So, now that you have your account, when you go to the home page and log in, the very top of your screen should look like this:

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 3

Followed by a selection of popular offers & trending deals etc. These usually include really popular sites and brands such as eBay, Iceland, Dell, Topshop, Sky, Virgin, carphone warehouse, Nike and the list goes on….and on…..and ON!

For the sake of demonstration, let’s imagine that we want to look for a new internet supplier…..

There is an option near to the top of the screen for “telecoms” which, if you hover over the word will give a drop down box that looks something like this:

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 4

Here I am going to select “Broadband ISP”. If you choose to just click the telecoms icon you will get a full list of ALL providers for all these categories so refining your search here is probably a better option.

Now I get a full list of providers and how much cash back they are willing to offer me to sign up for a contract with them.

You will notice that there is also a TopCashBack Compare option here, this is another way to get extra money back and could be very useful if you’re not entirely sure what package you want to buy just yet. Again it costs nothing but a little bit of time to try out all the different ways to search for your new supplier.

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 5

As you can see, these are not small numbers!

Sometimes the amount that you get might be a little less as these numbers are usually the max cashback that’s payable when you sign up for the more expensive packages, but you do still get some level of pay out, even if you only want a new phone line, or just the basic TV package.

My TopCashBack experience

Below is a screenshot from my account where you can see the “claimed” sum next to the provider. This is the money that they have paid out to me.

Since the full list of providers that have paid me since i opened the account is HUGE, this is just a small screenshot so you can see how it works – the TOTAL £ however does include the full list of everything I’ve been paid.

As you can see; from February 2014 to now (August 2020) I have claimed back a total of £1,251.47!!

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 6

In this screen shot you can see that Virgin Media paid me £147 to take out a TV and Broadband package with them. Before I signed up for this package with them I’d already done some research so I was confident that Virgin would be the best provider for me anyway, so the cash back was just a bonus.

It is important to make sure that you don’t jump into a contract that is too expensive or not the best deal for you JUST because of the cashback – I say this because it’s very tempting sometimes.

On this same screen shot you can also see that I got £48.72 for switching my utility provider – again I had done my research and this provider was the cheapest in my area so I knew that I wouldn’t be paying over the odds just to get the cash back.

Let’s get back to choosing your new internet provider…..

So you’re looking at your list of suppliers, you might have already done a bit of googling to see who you think will be best, so lets click into their offers and see what we can get by way of cash back.

As it stands today, if I click on the sky option, I’ll see a list something like this:

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 7

Don’t forget, deals change on a daily basis, I’m just showing you an example of what might be there when you get into your account.

When you click onto one of these options you will be directed to the sky website where you can complete the sign up process.

NOTE: as long as you click the link in the topcashback site and complete the signup there and then you WILL (almost certainly) get your cash back automatically paid into your TCB account – there is no need to do anything else.

When you enter a contract with Sky, you pay them as you would normally but because you clicked into the Sky website VIA topcashback – SKY have to pay tcb for sending you to them…make sense?

how to use topcashback

You – tcb – sky – sky provide the service to you– you pay sky – sky pay tcb – tcb pay you

So on 15/05/20 I signed up for a new deal with Sky, this is the screenshot from my TCB account

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 8

So here you can see that TCB have confirmed my purchase so I know that the cashback will be paid but the terms of service mean that I have to wait 25 weeks for the money to be “payable” – don’t expect to get your cash back instantly, it does take a bit of time!

So that’s it – pretty much!

Seriously, its that simple, you sign up for an account, buy the same stuff that you would normally buy but just click through the TCB site first – then you get paid!

This doesn’t just work on big things like annual TV and utility contracts though, you can use it for weekly shopping, take aways like JustEat, eBay purchases, almost anything!

But wait……….there’s more when you get to the pay-outs…

When you have a pot of money waiting for you in the “payable” section, they offer you an EXTRA bonus.

If you want to take your pay-out directly into your bank account that’s totally fine but if you choose to put it into your “reward wallet” you can select from a list of vouchers that give you a bit extra on top of your pay-out amount.

For example, I had about £90 in my payable account at one time, I chose to take my pay-out as a Primark voucher and I got 10% extra!

That means that I received a downloadable voucher for £99 !!

I didn’t get to spend that much of it to be honest but it made my daughter very happy and I was top Mum for almost a whole day! It’s such a good feeling when you get to the checkout with a bag full of stuff, and instead of worrying about how much it’s going to come to, you hand over a voucher that you didn’t pay a penny towards and walk away without parting with any money at all!

If you’re struggling with budgeting and getting organised with your finances in general, have a look at my free budget sheet. It’s really simple to use and it’ll cost you nothing to give it a go!

Topcashback review

I personally think that topcashback is great, it’s simple to use, the topcashback app is great when your shopping via the phone or tablet, I can find almost any retailer I want on there plus I get an added bonus when I take my money as a store coupon or downloadable voucher.

On top of all this you can also earn money by referring your friends and family plus if you know you’re going to be spending on a particular credit card, you can register this with TopCashBack and get paid for that too!

If you still don’t want to take my word for it, check out this thread on Reddit, these reviews on TrustPilot, or even this post from the Money Saving Expert.

Put simply, it costs nothing to open an account and if you don’t take out your cashback rewards all year, you can save the pay-outs for Christmas and have a bit of a splurge!!

How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 9
Get a US TopCashBack Account
How to use TopCashBack to get MORE Money Back 10
Get a UK TopCashBack Account

Do you think your friends and family could use saving a bit of money too??

Share the love……….


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