How to withdraw from topcashback

How to Withdraw Money from TopCashBack

Unlike some sites that limit what you can withdraw and how you can spend it – topcashback will actually just send you the cash – follow the simple steps below to get your cash BACK!

What about the cashback you’ve earned?

Your cashback earnings can take a little time to drop in to be honest but when they do you can earn even MORE on top of whats sitting in your payable pot.

When you have a pot of money waiting for you in the “payable” section, they offer you a selection of cashback offer EXTRA bonuses.

When you see a green payable sum like this:

you can head over to the top of the screen and select payout

The Payout

when you have navigated to the payout section you will see something like this:

I personally think that it makes a lot more sense to get some EXTRA bonus money by taking your payout through the reward wallet – but if you just want the cash – hit bank transfer and follow the steps – the money will arrive in you bank inside a week.

Why Can’t I Get All My Money?

Some funds may be held back if you are a plus member (see above £5 deduction) or oddly some payments can ONLY be paid to your bank or ONLY transferred to the wallet but these are unusual tbh – and you still get the money, just in different ways.

Bank Account Cash Payout

If you want to take your pay-out directly into your bank account that’s totally fine but if you choose to put it into your “reward wallet” you can select from a list of vouchers that give you a bit extra on top of your pay-out amount.

Reward Wallet Payout

Step 1 Transfer to the wallet

this can take a day or so to move funds from payable into the rewards wallet – be patient, it drops in eventually and they send you an email

This is what my account page looks like when I select transfer to wallet:

Step 2 – Get Some More Vouchers!

Once the money is in your reward wallet you will see some more options on how you might want to split your funds into a range of vouchers (great for Christmas presents!)

As an example, I had about £90 in my payable account at one time, I chose one of the bonus offers and transferred my cash into a Primark voucher and I got 10% extra!

You can transfer the funds to online retailers, this could be via an online voucher code (I’ve done this with Amazon loads of times), a gift card (these are available for a wide range of stores and they are super easy to search for) or you can print the voucher off to use at a high street shop.

In my case I received a downloadable Primark voucher for £99 !!

I didn’t get to spend that much of it to be honest, but it made my daughter very happy and I was top Mum for almost a whole day without having to get out my credit card!

It’s such a good feeling when you get to the in-store checkout with a bag full of stuff, and instead of worrying about how much it’s going to come to, you hand over a voucher that you didn’t pay a penny towards and walk away without parting with any money at all!

If you’re struggling with budgeting and getting organised with your finances in general, have a look at my free budget sheet. It’s really simple to use and it’ll cost you nothing to give it a go!

There are currently 85 vouchers to chose from and they are all huge retailers so there is a good chance you’ll find one that works for you.

How long does it take to get your money from TopCashback?

This varies quite a lot depending on the retailer.

From Approved to Payout Can Take 1 week to 6 Months!

If you have entered into a long term contract, the retailer has to make sure that you will stay with them so they might delay sending the payment to the cashback site until a predefined term has passed. This can sometimes with quite a while, I waited 90 days for one payment to be available to me.

Despite this, keep in mind that this is money you didn’t have and that you didn’t need to work for so waiting for a few months isn’t too big a deal really is it?

I have also found topcashback to be very good at tracking the payout, so if you have clicked through the site or the app properly, the chances are that you will get the payout – eventually!

If you still have questions about taking your money out of topcashback – check TCB’s FAQ’s


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