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How to make money from your old stuff

We all love money but sometimes the things we need to do in order to make more AND keep more of it don’t come so easily.

Buying stuff we don’t really need happens to us all at some point or another.

Now and again this is quite harmless, but if we are buying to fill an emotional need that isn’t being satified in our lives, then it can become a problem.

Not only does this mean that we fill our homes with useless stuff, it also means that we spent our hard earned money on a “non asset” (i.e. something that we can’t sell for as much as we paid for it and it doesn’t generate any income while we have it!) and on top of all that – it didn’t do anything to satisfy the emotional need long term.

So; what’s the solution?

For a start you’ll need be honest about why you’re buying it (or bought it), and find a healthier way to deal with the underlying issue. 

Easier said than done I know but there are so many organisations out there that can help with compulsive behaviours so don’t be afraid to put your money to better use and invest in yourself for a change.

I have personally found “BetterHelp” to be brilliant!

Get Purposeful with your Possessions

Retail therapy is a very acceptable addiction in the world we live in.

Shopaholics Anonymous should be just as well know as all the other anonymouses – but it’s not even a real organisation (as far as I can find on google anyway), but that does not make the ever increaing mountains of stuff and debt that we are gathering any less severe or life altering.

I’ve personally found that be more intentional with what I DO own is much easier than deciding what I don’t want to own anymore.

Over the last 5 years I have removed about 90% of my possessions from my home, it’s been a long journey and I still have to remind myself on a regular basis that I am intentional about ownership.

Anything that comes into my house will want something from me. It will need to be cleaned, sorted, moved, tidied, fixed, insured and probably packed and unpacked at some point in the future so every small thing is a commitment.


Start Selling

Now for the action – time to sell the stuff!! 

A cluttered house can have a huge impact on your mental health and your ability to get organised in ALL areas of life. If you are trying to get your finances on track – you have to keep a tidy well organised space around you and if you FEEL “cluttered” in your living space then getting anything else in order won’t be easy.

I go through phases with this but when i’m clearing out I tend to use a number of different methods depending on the “stuff” that’s being cleared.

Clearing Furniture

I love buying old things and upcycling them but sometimes my amition exceeds my time and resources to actually do it so on occassion i feel the need to clear away all those “to do” projects – or even sometime the done ones that I don’t have space for. These generally go on Facebook Marketplace as it’s free to list and the adverts are seen in local groups so i don’t have to arrange delivery all over the country. Depending where you are in the world, I’m sure there is something similar near you – maybe Craigs List, Gumtree, Freecycle or eBay.

Clearing Clothes

If you have kids you’ll know that they have a tendancy to grow out of stuff – fast! Or if like me you love a bargain but then just never actually get around to wearing it, it’s time to take stock and clear them out. It’s a bit scary at first but when you just have 1 small wardrobe with ONLY what you wear in it, it’s amazingly liberating!

In the past, with the kids clothes – and sometimes the less expensive of my items – i’ve bundled these up by age / size group and sold them on eBay. Recently though i’ve found that some of the newer sites such as Vinted and Shpock do really well in some areas of the UK so you might find that they work for you better than eBay.

Remember to keep in mind why you are clearing out in the first place and be very aware of the behaviour that got you to the place you are now.

Empty cupboards and clear surfaces will take time to get used to – don’t run out and buy more stuff because the space feels uncomfortable!

Sit with the space – it’s good

If this is all a bit too much, there are loads of facebook groups out there that can support you to keep the faith and stay on track.

I’ve sometimes found that if i do feel the need to spend, i put that money into a jar – not necessarily a physical one as i realise that cash is a rarety these days – but maybe another bank account, or a savings app or even a “space” in your banking app where you can save.

If you’re a visual person – do a vision board – start to get comfortable with your vision of a future with less stuff and more actual cash money in your bank accounts.