Payoff Calculator


This Custom built debt payoff calculator gives you space to add in how much you owe, what the interest rate is and how much your minimum payment is and then how much you WANT to pay off monthly. It allows you to change your payoff amount so that you can see the total amount of interest that will be charged – and saved by making the change, plus how long it will take to pay the debt off.

It’s probably best used alongside the debt tracker which will give you a total for ALL your debts, or if you want it all to work seemlessly, take a look at the debt tracker delux as that has it all built in together.

This Custom payoff calculator is a great addition to any budgeting exercise, use it alongside the debt tracker and the budget planner for best effect!

It is available to download in GBP, USD and EUR.


Download file in $, Download file in £, Download file in €