The Tool Kit

Tools and downloads to organize money and debt so that it is more manageable

budget planner

How To Use The Budget Planner

How to Use The Budget Planner This comprehensive excel budget planner automatically works everything out for you. Just add add income into the income tab and spend into the spend tab and the results will be summarised on the Summary tab! It’s a super simple way to manage your household, personal or even small business budgets …

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debt to income ratio calculator

The Debt Tracker DELUX

The Debt Tracker DELUX Coming soon………………………….. Do You Know………. How much is ALL your debt is costing in interest charges every month? Your TOTAL monthly payment for ALL your debt? How ALL your debts Measure up to your total assets? – i.e. – your Debt to Asset Ratio? The best way to manage your debt to pay the …

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debt printable

Printable Debt Tracker

Printable Debt Tracker cost of debt calculator This detailed debt management spreadsheet gives you a comprehensive view of all your debt and credit in one place. Our excel downloadable version has all the necessary calculations in it, so if you’d rather have that, please click here to take a look. This download is available now, …

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Free downloads

The Reminders

This handy reminder sheet will give you a heads up when your contracts are about to run out. Letting your mortage run onto a standard rate or your insurance  roll over with the same provider could be costing you a pretty penny every year. Take just 10 minutes, print the form and fill in the …

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debt to income ratio calculator

The Debt Tracker

The Debt Tracker Debt to Income Ratio & Total Cost of Debt Caculator. Our Brand New Debt Tracker Tool Will Put You Ahead Of Your Finances By Showing You At A Glance What Needs To Be Paid & When, What Debts Are Costing You The Most……..And How To Lower Your Bills So You Can Get …

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budget sheet

The Budget Planner

The Budget Planner Free Excel Budget Template with Calculator & Printable pdf This Custom Budget Planner Takes Your Spend & Income & Instatantly Shows You Exactly Where Your Money Is Going By Week, Month & Year – How Much You Really Need To Make Ends Meet & What You Can Do To Get Much More …

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