Ready to get your money organized?

  • Are you feeling lost and hopeless  – need to get out of debt fast?
  • Do you need to know where to start?
  • Maybe you’re worried about what might happen if you do nothing?
  • Or perhaps you’d just like to KEEP hold of more money every month?
  • Can you imagine how good would it feel to NOT worry about money all the time?

Don’t worry; here at Debt Help Tools we have all sorts of stuff to help you on your way, from case studies on debt payoff tactics, free downloadable calculators and budget planners to debt consolidation options, money mindset management tips and even how to MAKE money to get out of debt fast!

We have also partnered with some amazingly qualified people in the areas of finance & coaching and have linked in their content thoughout this site so that you always get access to the best information and sevices that we know of, not just the stuff that pays!

As we forge new relationships we will add them to our “About Us” page so that you can see who they are and decide if their information works for you.

Managing finances, whether its a small household, a large business or anything inbetween, is never a simple task so we will do our best to give you simple, low cost solutions to as many of them as we can.

Wishing you all the best in financial health.


Tips Tricks & Tools to Get Out of Debt FAST

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    Hi, I'm Lindsey and I really love helping people & businesses get their money organised & their systems optimised. (I'm a bit weird I know) I have an MBA in finance & have been a self-employed management consultant since 2013. I've been super privileged to work on a wide range of projects in that time & each one has been an amazing opportunity to learn something new. This site aims to create a bank for that knowledge so that you can shortcut your journey to success & hopefully skip all the mistakes that I made!

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