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Free Tools You Should Be Using for Money Management

There are many free debt tools that you can use to get out of debt today. Regardless of the type of debt, you need to know the facts. The free online debt tools will enlighten you on different ways with the help of which elimination of dues can be achieved. It’s important to equip yourself with debt management knowledge before taking a loan. Do not forget that you are dealing with your finances. A small mistake on your part can further jeopardize your chances of recovery. Therefore, you have to make sure whether settlement programs or consolidation will be perfect for you.



Microsoft Excel
You can create a spreadsheet and input the information about the entire credit card debt, including total outstanding debt, interest rates (APR) of each of your card, minimum monthly payment, and the due dates of making your card payments. It is better than writing them down in your journal or diary because you can view the Excel spreadsheet in your computer. Therefore you can track your spending as the more money that you can save, the faster you can get rid of your debt.

Google Calendar
This free internet tool is something that you need to use, especially when you need something to remind you about making prompt payments to pay off your credit card debt. Besides asking others to remind you, you can set an email alert – probably 1-2 days earlier before your card payment is due. You can also use the Google calendar tool as your organizer – to get things done effectively, for instance, an appointment with the creditors if you’re looking for a debt settlement and negotiation with them on your own.

Credit card debt repayment calculator apps
There are available for iPad, iPhone, and Android phone users. They are interactive financial calculators specifically designed for such gadgets above. They can calculate the total interest that you can save and the exact loan term if you pay more than the minimum. This interactive app is also capable of producing spending worksheets that can assist you in creating a personal budget.

When your finances are limited, and you have debts to pay on the side, it helps to categorize where they go to make sure it pays the right things. The important thing while on a debt management plan is to keep your focus, so you reach your goals faster.

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