How to Cut The Budget

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Let’s get practical – how much does going without that coffee, occasional take out or extra TV package REALLY save you?

If you had a way to look at your current budget (what you spend now) & your future budget (the one where you are being really good!) side by side – that would be awesome right?

This spreadsheet & pdf guide will show you EXACTLY what impact your small changes to common spend items like eating out or the little subscription charges for things you never use (but really mean to) have on your annual finances.


We all know that creating a budget can be as simple as writing your income and expenses on a single sheet of paper to see what you have left over, but…… when you have more and more things to pay for, such as kids, pets and rising energy costs & perhaps an irregular income too, trying to manage a large scale budget cut style=”font-size: 20px; color: var( –e-global-color-secondary );”> can get really overwhelming – really fast!

My Cut The Budget Spreadsheet and user guide will help you get through this – Step by Step.

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Cut The Budget Excel Spreadsheet

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